Marianne participates in a short-story discussion group after they read "The Desecration of the Sabbath," Las Cruces, NM, March, 2014

Other Writings


“The Desecration of the Sabbath,” Fiction Fix  [Issue 11, 2012]

Nominated for Pushcart and Best American Short Stories prizes


Click here to read an interview of Marianne with Fiction Fix editor Mark Ari.


“The Forty-Niners,”, 2011


“The Shabbas Goy,” Scribblers on the Roof, June 2010


“The Summer of Loving Baseball,” Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature (25th Anniversary Issue), Fall 2007/Winter 2008


“The Truth About Sheila,” Passager, Issue 45, 2008


“My First Aliyah,” Lilith, Vol. 25, No. 3, Fall 2000


“A Letter to Doris Lessing,” Helicon Nine Reader: The Journal of Women’s Arts and Letters, #14/15, Summer 1986


“Shaloch Mones,” Jewish Roots #12 (Rochester, NY, October 1974)


“The Sign,” Jewish Roots #8-9, (Rochester, NY, December 1971)



THE RED KIT CASE: A Play in Three Acts

 Staged Reading at Rochester Jewish Community Center, Fall 2006


A LETTER TO DORIS LESSING: One Woman/Act Play Adapted from Short Story

 Performed by Sonya Raimi:

 Rundell Library (Rochester, NY, Central Library), 1989

 Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, April 1990

 Jewish Community Center, Rochester, NY, April 1990


ARTICLES   (A Sampling)

“Travels with Stravinsky,” Daily Forward, January 21, 2015. Click here to read.

“Regaining a Child from a Cult,” originally published in Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Responsibility, Vol. 14, No. 269, March 1984. Anthologized in:

•  Smashing the Idols: A Jewish Inquiry into the Cult Phenomenon, Gary D. Eisenberg, ed. (Aronson Inc. 1988)

•  Listening to American Jews, Carolyn Toll Oppenheim, ed. (Sh’ma Publications, 1986)


“Homage to Jane Austen,” Helicon Nine Reader: The Journal of Women’s Arts and Letters, #10, 1984. Anthologized in:

Helicon Nine Reader: A Celebration of Women in the Arts — The Best of 10 Years, ed. Gloria Vando Hickok (Helicon Nine Editions, 1990)


“The Vindication of Alger Hiss,” Rochester Democrat & Chronicle


“What Do the Palestinians Want?” America Israel Public Affairs Committee


“Losing the World to Regain One’s Soul” (An Overview of the Work of Bernard Malamud), Jerusalem Post, 1973



David Wdowinski in Memoriam (1908-1970): Frauyen rechts and manner links”, Jewish Roots, December 1973


“Two Yahrzeit Candles,” Jewish Roots, December 1973


“High Noon at P.S. 125,” Jewish Roots #10, November 1972


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