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Dear friends and readers,

Welcome to my website. I begin this new journey by showing a picture of my husband,  violinist Zvi Zeitlin, and myself. Though he died unexpectedly in 2012 (having given a triumphant all-Schubert farewell recital shortly before), our lives had been intertwined for so long that it’s hard to speak of my own work without a big nod in his direction.

MOTHERLESS CHILD was published a month after Zvi’s death. Not only was the book dedicated to him, but its cover (painted by Sarah Longlands), chosen half a year earlier, depicts an empty violin, which uncannily seemed to symbolize his passing. As you can read elsewhere on this site, the novel is set in the world of classical music, and, although I’ve always been a music lover, it is because of Zvi that I became intimate with all aspects of it.

I am now working on a new novel, THE THIRD STAR, which takes place from 1940 to 1943. These were momentous years everywhere, countless books have been written about them, but not many are set in Mandatory Palestine, as this one is.

I have so enjoyed receiving your e-mails and letters, and I hope you will keep them coming. I learn so much from your input, and like all writers, love to know what struck home. Or didn’t. Either way, I get inspired. Keep reading, keep them coming and spread the word.

You can write to me through the contact page, or in care of my publisher, c/o Zephyr Press, 50 Kenwood Street, Brookline, MA 02446.




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